Heroic Opportunities Guide

Simple Guidelines:

* Examine all of your combat arts/spell.

  • Open your Knowledge book and right click examine each and everyone of them.

  • Many of them will have a 2nd icon in the Examine Panel. This Icon corresponds to the symbol names used here (Sword, Hammer, Lighting etc.)

  • Note that all of these 2nd icons have a colored background. Each color corresponds to an archetype

    • Fighter (blue)

    • Priest (yellow)

    • Scout (green)

    • Mage (red)

* Heroic Opportunities are opened with a specific Ability, which doesn’t cost power, is instant and has 10 sec recast time:

  • Fighting Chance (Fighter)
  • Divine Providence (Priest)
  • Lucky Break (Scout)
  • Arcane Augur (Mage)

* Heroic Opportunities come in 2 phases:

1) Starter Chain

  • in the center of the starter chain window is the previous step of the chain
  • around it are all the possible branches, displayed thru icons, which correspond to various spells (see above)
  • if a combat art/spell is successfully executed the starter chain advances
  • if a wrong combat art/spell is successfully executed the starter chain is interrupted !

2) Combat Wheel

  • can be ordered (big clockwise arrow in center) then combat arts/spells must be executed clockwise beginning with the top icon
  • can be unordered (arrows pointing in all directions) combat arts/spells can be executed in any order.
  • Please note that the person that executes the last combat art/spell will not only get the credit but also any single buffs ! For instance you want Crippling Shroud being cast on the tank so make sure to execute the Horn after the Moon !
  • has a 30 sec timer as indicated by blue bar on the other rim; if time runs out arrows in the center turn red.

* Scouts have the unique ability to re-roll an Heroic Opportunity with Coin as long as the Heroic Opportunity hasn’t started yet.

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